4 Things To Know About Scandinavian Values

4 Things To Know About Scandinavian Values

The Nordic and Scandinavian countries are often used as role models for good governance, especially when it comes to innovation, openness, transparency, equality, and sustainability. Although the Scandinavian countries have their own uniqueness, they all share a common history and have developed a common set of values. We will try to explain in more details, 4 things to know about Scandinavian values.
Scandinavian Values

For almost a decade, the five Nordic countries – Finland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, have all been in the top ten of the happiest countries in the world. In fact, the Nordic countries has been occupying the top three positions, in the World Happiness Report (WHR) during the last few years.

The Nordic model, is built on values such as trust, openness, and transparency. A model focused on taking care of the people around you, so that everyone has the same opportunities in life. As well as taking care of the environment, and always working towards new and creative ways of thinking. The Scandinavian values are beneficial in many ways. We have put down 4 things to know about the Scandinavian values, for you to get more knowledge about how they do things “up there” and perhaps you will even get inspired, to adapt some of these characteristics in your organization. 

Trust And Transparency

Scandinavia has a long tradition of trust based and transparent collaborations worldwide. Being transparent means operating in a way that creates openness and helps build trust between managers and their teams. A transparent mindset encourages clear communication, collaboration and understanding of others. 

New Ways Of Thinking, Creativity And Innovation

The Nordic culture and mindset is known for being creative, innovative, and having new ways of thinking. Innovative companies are always trying out new ideas and offering new services and products. Diversity and spotting new trends are important characteristics of an innovative company. 

Compassion And Equality

Your ability to put yourself in the shoes of others and understand what another person is experiencing, will create more compassion and empathy to the workplace. The people who value compassion and equality may be more effective at getting a more diverse and inclusive work environment.  

Working For Sustainable Growth And Development

While focusing on all the above factors, sustainable growth and development is also very much a part of the Scandinavian mentality and culture. Surrounded by breath taking Scandinavian nature, a sustainable business approach is mandatory. An approach that is focusing on how an organization operates in the ecological, social, and economic environments in the long term. 

The Future Of Recruitment 

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