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No matter what business you search for a new employee in, you can be sure to find an area with us. We create connections between all jobs, positions and companies, because we know, that it’s important to find the right people for the right position.

We have a great knowledge of many different businesses, and we know who you should be put in touch with to find the perfect candidate for the job.

ScanCruit offers onboarding programs and relocation assistance

The onboarding process is a very important part of a successful recruitment. If the expat don’t get settled in in both the job, the team, company - as well as the new country and network - we risk that the expat will either leave the job and move back, or not contribute the optimal way to the position due to failure to thrive. Our onboarding includes both social introductions and professional guidance and coaching. So we help the onboarding process on both the job and in the private life in the new country.

When the new “home” is found, we assist with the right partners to make the physical transport of the things the expat needs to move from Scandinavia to UAE. We also assist in other levels, including getting the right insurances, visa etc.

If the new expat has a partner or spouse with them, we will assist with career coaching if that is necessary, and use the network to get them interviews and job leads. This is also the case with the expats children. Our network includes a range of representatives from schools and institutions. These will be available for the expat and its family, and we will join in visits and interviews if wanted.

To secure the best onboarding process we make several follow-up conversations and feedback with both company and employee.

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