Trends for Hiring in the Recruitment Industry

The recruitment market is constantly changing due to external factors impacting the economy and companies. As a result, there is more pressure on employers and recruitment agencies, to be on top of their game when it comes to finding the best talent to grow their company. To get a better understanding of the trends for hiring in the recruitment industry we have put down the top trends that will get you inspired to attract, source, and hire suitable talents. 

Candidate Experience

It is not always easy for recruitment agencies to find the right talents for an open position. With the high demand for skilled candidates, the recruitment experience remains more important than ever. Candidates are more likely to accept offers if they have a positive recruitment process and reputation matters. 

For that reason, the first factor to keep in mind when focusing on improving the candidate experience is the job advertisement. You must write the description with the candidate in mind, focusing on what they want to know. The next step is the interview process, which must be easy and to the point. If there are too many rounds of interviews and if the process is too long, they will probably lose interest and go with another employer who is willing to offer them the job more quickly. 

Finally, communication is key if recruitment companies want to build a relationship with the candidates. Acknowledge the applications you receive for the role, and make sure to ask the candidate relevant questions, to figure out exactly what they are looking for and what they want to achieve in their new role. 

Data-Driven Recruitment

One of the biggest trends for hiring in the recruitment industry is data-driven recruitment. With more pressure to hire the right talents, both cost, and time-effectively, many recruitment companies have turned to data to help them make smarter hiring decisions.  

Recruitment agencies are using this trend to attract and source the best talents, through HR technology, such as an ATS system and recruitment marketing platforms. These methods are great ways to get relevant data from potential candidates and to find the best talent for an open position as fast as possible. 

Work Flexibility 

One of the most relevant factors for candidates when deciding to change jobs is work flexibility. Many companies work with a diverse team that includes a combination of full-timers, contractors, freelancers, and interns. Because of the competitive candidate market, more employers are offering creative benefits including flexible work schedules. This has helped to differentiate companies and create a more attractive workplace for potential talents.

This is a hiring trend that recruitment companies have to keep in mind to attract the right talents. Candidates who like the fact that they can work from wherever they want, whenever they want. Technology has been a game changer, and enables a huge growing trend, helping to connect teams from all over the world. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

While diversity, equity, and inclusion are not a new hiring trend, it remains a popular and growing trend around the world. Employers and recruitment agencies must keep this trend in mind since it can strongly influence a candidate’s perception of an employer’s brand and in the end, it can affect the decision of whether the candidate wants to pursue the advertised job. 

Employers and recruitment companies must pay close attention to the language they use in the job description, the variety of sourcing channels they use, and the screening and evaluation process they use. Prioritizing diversity, equity, and inclusion also offers companies many other benefits including improved employee happiness, productivity, retention, and loyalty.

The Rising Popularity of Telephone Interviews

How do I prepare for a telephone interview? What will the recruitment company or hiring manager ask me? These are perhaps some of the questions that will come to your mind when you get invited for a telephone interview. In many cases, the telephone interview can be a make or break. Whether you continue in the recruitment process for a particular job. Therefore, we have put down a few facts about the rising popularity of telephone interviews. As well as common questions and tips on the topic. 

The advantages of telephone interviews

There is rising popularity of telephone interviews, and there is a good reason why. Finding the right talent for a job is difficult for a recruitment agency or a hiring manager. A recruitment company or a hiring manager uses telephone interviews to save costs and to save more time when looking for candidates. It is a tool for screening talents for employment and checking whether the candidate has the right skills and experiences to continue in the recruitment process. It is also a way to make sure that the candidate’s expectations are aligned with the company. 

These types of interviews also come with disadvantages. Especially because the telephone interviews work more as a “checklist” for the recruitment agency. Which often makes the interviews more advantageous for the recruitment company than the potential candidates. A telephone interview is very impersonal, and you will not be able to rely on your body language. Therefore, it is a must to be prepared for the interview questions and practice how to make the best impression.

Common telephone interview questions 

As mentioned, a telephone interview is like a screening session and is the first step to placing a face-to-face interview. It is simply a way for the recruitment agency or the hiring manager to learn more about the candidate. It is also a way for the candidate to learn more about the company and the position available. 

You will most likely be asked about your work experiences, your education history, as well as your expected salary and expectations for your next job. You will perhaps also be asked questions about your personality, your skillset, and your greatest strengths. Make sure to prepare a short pitch about yourself. If you have the time, you can read more about the position and the company. To make sure that your skills are aligned with the requirements. 

How to make the best impression 

When it comes to telephone interviews you rarely have a second chance to make a first impression. Besides being professional, calm, and collected, the best approach is to be prepared to answer all questions the recruitment company or hiring manager might have. 

One of the best ways to rise above your competition in a telephone interview is to show that you have researched the position and the company and match your qualifications with the requirements. Make sure to demonstrate your work experiences and skills in a way that demonstrates your strengths as a candidate. 

In addition to your pitch about your qualifications, it also pays off to ask the interviewer some questions about the position and company. Asking informed and interesting questions during the telephone interview can declare your commitment to pursuing the opportunity and assure you that this position is right for you. 

5 Fresh And Creative Marketing Recruitment Ideas

When you use creative executive recruitment strategies, you implement innovative methods for reaching, attracting, and retaining candidates. The most effective strategies increase reach and engagement, show why your company is a great place to work, and make candidates feel valued. It takes time to research 5 fresh and creative marketing recruitment ideas. Therefore, we did the research for you so you can focus your energy on hiring a talented team.

Think of Social Media as Your Friend

While the organic reach of social media posts is a great way to create brand awareness about your company’s values and culture. Paid ads continue to demonstrate solid returns for those companies that use them effectively. Paid ads target demographic criteria which make it easy for you to target your ads by variables such as income and education, allowing you to target exactly who you think may be a good candidate for the open position.

Another great tip is to engage on Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok. This tip is only going to apply to certain companies’ reading this post. Since certain industries might not benefit from this method. But it could be a useful tip, especially in certain industries like beauty and fitness.

Organize Open House Events

Consider hosting an executive recruitment event at your office and inviting people who might be interested in joining your company. You will be able to evaluate potential candidates. This creative recruiting strategy gives them the chance to see what your work life looks like first-hand, in a less formal setting. The event gives potential candidates the opportunity to get to know your teamed learn more about your company before they decide whether they want to apply. Choose a time and place and post an invitation on your company’s social media platforms.

Also, host virtual events so people from other cities can attend. These events will help you reach candidates and enable them to make an informed decision about moving forward.

Film Employee Testimonials

This creative executive recruitment method will boost your company’s brand and gives your company a good reputation as a great place to work. Film short interviews with employees from a range of departments and seniority levels. Include the videos on your career page and on your social media platforms. Guide your team and ask them questions about their role and responsibilities. Make sure to include questions about the company culture, the co-workers, and the favorite things about working in the company.

Employee video testimonials are a great way to showcase the atmosphere and culture of your workplace. They are an asset in employer branding and executive recruitment. Current employees are the most valuable advocates of your company as a workplace and have a big role in how new potential employees see your company.

Text Message Candidates

Some candidates may prefer to communicate with recruiters and hiring managers by text message. When candidates send their applications, ask them if they want to receive a text message or email updates. Two of the main benefits of fresh and creative recruitment ideas. are that you are likely to get a faster response time and that it can help you attract candidates.

Remember it can be tempting to be less formal when you’re texting, but keep it professional by using full sentences, and proper punctuation. Also, be sure to text during regular business hours.

Use Employee Referrals

Word-of-mouth publicity has been the best source of hiring for decades and is still one of the best fresh and creative recruitment ideas. It is the good experiences of people or customers that make them invite more of their friends or acquaintances to share the same experience.

An employee referral program helps you quickly connect with your employees’ professional network. Within a short period of time, you get to reach a huge talent pool. This is the primary reason why your company can benefit from employee referral programs.

How to React When Contacted by a Recruiter

Congratulations, you got contacted by a recruiter! It shows that your skills and experiences are paying off. The recruiter is either contacting you if they have a open position that matches your qualifications or they want to know more about you to ensure you are the right fit for their client. The recruiter is interested in your profile professionally. It is now up to you to decide how you want to take the conversation further. 

Good Communication

Whether you have applied for a job, or you get contacted by a recruiter to know more about your qualifications. It is important to ensure good communication, which will help to create a good connection between you and the recruiter. Perhaps you are not looking for new job opportunities now, but who knows in the future. When speaking with recruiters, good communication keeps them interested and maintains an atmosphere of professionalism. You can say things like “thank you for calling” or “I appreciate you reaching out” to show both respect and gratitude. 

Answer Questions Honestly

A recruiter may decide quickly if you are a potential match for the position or not. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some answers ready about your work experience, goals, and qualifications. Remember that the recruiter is the mediator between you and the company. This means that the recruiter is working for a client, but they are also helping you find the right role to match your profile. Make sure to answer every question honestly, when asked questions about your work experience, education, salary, hobbies, and future goals. By answering honestly, the recruiter can find the right job for you. You might not ba match for this particular job, but you might be a perfect fit for the next open position. 

Ask Questions 

When contacted by a recruiter the idea of a new position can be exciting, but choosing based on information about the position and company will benefit you the most. You can ask questions about the position, company, culture, values, and expected salary to gather more information. Asking the right questions can help you learn more about whether the position and company are the right matches for you. Think about some questions beforehand, which are important for you. 

Evaluate and Negotiate 

After talking with the recruiter, it is important to do some research about the position and the company. You must make sure that the information is aligned with the information you got from the recruiter. Look at previous employee testimonials about the company and customer reviews. You can also look at similar roles from competitors to compare requirements, qualifications, and pay scales. If you want to negotiate the salary or other benefits based on your qualifications and experience. You can communicate your expectations to the recruiter, who might be willing to negotiate on the candidate’s behalf. 

Make your Decision 

Once you have all the information and have received an offer letter, you must decide whether to accept or decline the job offer. Consider each detail carefully and give the recruiter your response. If you choose to decline the offer, make sure to inform the recruiter respectfully and provide the reason you want to decline the position. If you decide to accept the position, you can take your next steps toward a new career. 

Salaries and benefits when working in Dubai

The job market in Dubai is continuing to recover. The hiring activity is returning to the same level as before covid. If you are wondering what is the salaries and benefits when working in Dubai, we got you covered. 

The average salary in Dubai in 2022 is around 21,500 AED per month. Salaries range from 4,810 (lowest average) to 99,000 AED (highest average, actual maximum is higher). This is the average monthly salary which includes housing, transport, and other benefits. 

Salaries when working in Dubai 

Since covid, the government in UAE has spent billions of dirhams to support businesses and get the country back on track. The economy is growing, and the hiring activity is increasing. 

The salaries have increased year on year and a higher number of rises are likely to take place this year. The most common increase is likely to be an uplift of up to 5%. 

In Dubai, salaries can vary drastically depending on the different careers and companies. If you are interested in the salary of a particular job, you can use different salary guides, to get a better idea of the salaries and benefits when working in Dubai. 

The benefits for jobseekers

Job seekers’ expectations have changed since the pandemic, and they are expecting higher salaries and bonuses. Therefore, companies must offer a competitive package. In terms of salary and other benefits to attract and retain the best talents. 

Some of the most common benefits companies offer job seekers in Dubai includes remote work, flexible working hours, airline tickets, training opportunities, education allowance, and family visas. 

Companies are adjusting and continue to develop to become more attractive. This also includes focusing on the workplace culture and mental health among employees. These are all benefits that will help employers to attract and retain the best talents. 

Challenges employers are facing when hiring 

The pandemic has changed the workplaces in the long term, with many companies in Dubai allowing employees to either work from home full-time or for one to three days a week. The challenge employers are facing when hiring is to attract and retain top talent while competing with other employers. The main challenge is maintaining employee motivation and engagement and integrating new employees remotely. Salaries and benefits when working in Dubai remain the main motivator for changing jobs, while career development is the number one reason why employees will stay in a company. If you are looking for new talent to grow your company or if you are interested in new job opportunities, contact Scancruit today.  

Is it too Late for a Career Switch?

Encountering similar thoughts about if or when you should proceed with a career switch? Keep reading to take a look at some tips we have for you about if it is too late for a career switch? Take these tips into account. Maybe you’ll find yourself better informed of where you are at now, with regards to your career choices!

You no longer identify with your company’s goals

If you find that you are no longer feeling as excited about new projects or tasks as you used to feel when you first joined your firm. That could be a telling factor. Everyone takes on a job opportunity with an organisation when they feel that something at the workplace clicks right with them. This could be anything, the colleagues, the kind of work taken up, a sense of teamwork, anything. 

However, one of the biggest push factors that motivate employees to contribute to their workplace is identifying with the company’s goals, visions and missions. When an individual loses his or her sense of belonging at a firm, it can be difficult to continue working at the same place. 

Once again, attempt to connect with your co-workers and speak with your managers about this career switch that seems to be troubling you. Express your concern and see if it is something that can be remedied. If it is not solvable, perhaps it is indeed time for you to find an alternative workplace environment that you can better connect and identify with, after all.

You find yourself stressed, exhausted or bored

Think of your recent work patterns and how you have been feeling about work. Have you been feeling stressed to such a point that you can no longer focus on your tasks?

Exhausted or experiencing symptoms of a possible workplace burnout? Or perhaps, you find yourself entirely bored with your responsibilities? These are signs that you need a little something to spice up your work life. 

Firstly, you could try speaking with a superior at work. Express your concerns and see if they have any suggestions that could help you. If it doesn’t seem to help, maybe it’s time to consider taking a leap of faith!

Use self-assessment tools and career tests to gather information about your work personality. Ask your friends and family members for ideas as to what they think are potential job opportunities they see you fitting into, as well. Sometimes, what lies in our blind spot may be obvious facts to our near and dear ones. 

Alternatively, you can also choose to consult a career counselor. These individuals know the right questions to ask and have plenty of resources at their disposal to assist you..


Your efforts are not appreciated or recognised 

One of the biggest reasons why employees tend to leave their workplace is because their efforts are no longer being appreciated or recognised in their organization. Have you felt invisible during meetings? Do your suggestions, opinions, proposals, and likes go unnoticed? Feeling as though you’re being shut out of work-related conversations. 

Such an experience can be crippling to one’s confidence in the workplace. As recommended, try speaking with your colleagues or superiors to address this concern of yours. Attempt to find possible solutions to your problems. Should this seem impossible or destructive to your existing current work situation, perhaps it’s time for a career switch after all. 


And there you have it – a compiled list of 3 tips that you can use to figure out if it is a good time for a career switch. We hope this article has helped to calm some of your nerves as you attempt to move ahead and progress along with your career. We wish you the best of luck!

In the meantime, if you’re on the lookout for job opportunities we recommend that you take a look at the job openings in Scancruit. You can also go to the website GrabJobs who has contributed to this article. GrabJobs is an efficient recruitment platform that connects thousands of job-seekers and employers around the world daily. Individuals can rely on the platform’s free job search functionalities to receive job matching alerts, and access the career resources library and online courses to build their careers. 

How To Write An Effective Job Post 

One of the most important elements in the recruitment process when looking for qualified candidates for your company is the job post. The job post is a general guide, which is created to provide the most necessary information for a job position. It is also an introduction to your company and brand. Job postings are posted on job boards, career sites, and through recruitment agencies. If you focus on how to write an effective job post, as well as the reach, the bigger the potential will be for you to find the right candidate for your company. 

Choose a concise title 

The first step in how to write an effective job post is to choose a concise title. The job title is an incredibly important part of the recruitment process. The job title is much more than a name. Since the title is the first thing applicants see when they are searching for a job. Whether the right candidate clicks on your job posting or not, can be determined by the job title. Make sure that the job title is relevant to your industry, that it appeals to the right candidate, and matches the job salary expectation. 

Describe the company and culture  

The first impression is always the most important. It can have a huge impact on how the potential candidates view your company. Think about the values of your company and think about a great way to represent your company, since this will help you attract the right candidates. Explain what makes your company special, interesting projects or clients. Most importantly talk about the company culture and work environment. 

Include any educational requirements

The third step in how to write an effective job post is the educational requirements. Make sure to consider these requirements carefully. The educational experience should be described as an essential requirement, to get considered for the job. Make sure that the educational experience is relevant to the position. Experience and education are both very important factors when writing an effective job post. This is the easiest way for you to filter the different applicants, for you to find the perfect candidate in the end. 

Outline the skills and qualifications

One of the most important steps to consider is the skills and qualifications. You probably have some specific skills and qualifications the candidate must have to fit in the position. However, there are also skills that you would like an applicant to have, which are not mandatory. Do not be afraid to list as many qualifications as you want, but also remember that the requirements must be realistic for the position. 


Once you have written the job description and have reviewed it carefully, you are ready to post it. The job post is the first point of contact between you and your future employee. If you do not have a clear idea of what candidate you are looking for, you will not be able to fill the position efficiently and quickly. If you need help on how to write an effective job post or if you need help finding the right candidate for your company, you can contact our recruitment agency today. 

The Ultimate Guide For Better Recruitment

Many companies collaborate with recruitment agencies, to make their recruitment process more effective and efficient. While other companies rely on advertisements, job boards, and social media channels to recruit talents for new positions. The ultimate guide for better recruitment can improve your recruitment process. An improved recruitment process will reflect the company’s professionalism and help attract the right candidates while saving money and time. 

Job description and specifications

If you are looking for a new employee to grow your company. The first step to think about is some specifications for whom you would like and what you are looking for in your team. Because of limited time and workload, you may be tempted to accept the first person who applies for the job. That could be a big mistake. 

Therefore, it is important to brainstorm exactly what type of person you are searching for and what kind of specification you need. Afterward, you must choose a concise title for the position and write a clear description of the job. You must describe the work environment in the company. Clarify the skills, the educational requirements, and the work experience needed to fill this role. 

Choosing the candidates

You probably received many different job applications and hopefully, some of the candidates fit the requirements and specifications. Now comes the hard part, since you must choose the candidates that continue to the interview process. Make sure the work experience, educational experience, and skills, match the qualifications. Some candidates also include information about their personality and values. Which gives you an even better idea about if the candidate matches your company and work environment. 

To get more information about the candidates, you can research their LinkedIn profiles. It is a good idea to do a screening call, before inviting the candidate to an interview. In this way, you can ask the most relevant questions or get answers about missing information about the candidate. 

The interview process

When it comes to the interviewing process, it is a good idea to be prepared as an employer. Just like candidates spend time researching and preparing for the interview. Good preparation takes time, but it is worth it in the end. The right candidate is hard to find, so it is important that you as an interviewer know exactly how to evaluate the candidate and how to promote your company and brand.

Make sure to know your candidates and read their resumes. Figure out what information you are missing from the candidate, which is not included in the resume. Prepare your interview questions beforehand and be ready to answer any questions the candidate might have about the company or about the position. It is also a good idea to give the candidate a profile analysis or an assessment test. 

Selection and verification

The final stage of the ultimate guide for better recruitment is the selection process. You might want to do a verification check to reassure that your finalist is reliable. Employers may conduct background checks to make sure the candidates have told the truth about themselves in their resumes and interviews. 

You might also want to get some references for your best candidates. This way you will get feedback about their performances from people they have worked with in the past, such as former colleagues and managers. After the selection process, you finally found the perfect candidate to grow your company. 

Job offer and onboarding

You are soon ready to welcome your new employee, but first, you must finish the job offer process. If you forget any details, you might risk losing a great candidate and you must start the recruitment process again. The job offer process usually requires filling out paperwork, getting approvals, and completing the last preparations before you welcome the new employee. 

To make sure that the new employee gets a smooth onboarding, you can send a welcome email to get the new employee excited for the first day. You may also schedule a team meeting, to introduce the new employee and to create a good social work environment from the beginning. Give the new employee all the relevant documents, videos, and web pages about your company’s history, mission, and stories that give a better understanding of your company’s values.  Make the first day even more memorable, by giving the new employee a welcome kit, with relevant products and a welcome letter.


Congratulations on your new employee! But don’t forget to inform rejected candidates that didn’t get the job. They might be a potential employee in the future, and a positive candidate experience will only benefit your company’s brand

If you follow the ultimate guide for better recruitment, you will be one step closer to finding the perfect candidate to grow your company. If you are looking for a more time and cost-saving solution, contact a recruitment agency and let them help you with the recruitment. 

How To Recruit And Retain Hospitality Employees

After the pandemic, there was a rise in candidates in the hospitality industry and many were looking for jobs. Though it didn’t take long before it turned. Suddenly there was a high amount of unfilled job vacancies and a lower unemployment rate.

The hospitality industry is ready to get back on track, but the low number of qualified candidates is slowing down the companies and is becoming an increasing concern. This results in a hiring problem in the industry and makes it difficult for companies to recruit and retain hospitality employees. 

Focus on a faster hiring process 

Before the pandemic, the hospitality industry had the advantage of a higher volume of candidates than they needed. This meant that the hiring process automatically was much more inefficient. Since they were always able to find new talented candidates. 

Now that the tables have turned, companies must focus on a faster hiring process. If they want to catch the talents before their competitors. If a candidate applies for a role and doesn’t hear from the company or if they are forced to wait weeks for an interview, this is driving the talents away. 

Keep in mind it is a candidate’s market 

In a candidate’s market, the talents have more freedom when searching for a job. They can be more critical when it comes to the salary, the working hours, and the working conditions. 

In this new candidate’s market, companies in the industry must invest the same attention, time, and money to recruit and retain hospitality employees, as they invest in their customers. The recruitment experience is a great way to start. 

Talents need to be engaged 

The hospitality industry is fighting to get back on track. Though we cannot deny that the pandemic has affected the industry. There are still some challenges to overcome. 

Therefore, the companies must focus on highlighting the benefits of the industry to recruit and retain hospitality employees. This could be the flexible schedules, good benefits, great work experience, and career opportunities around the world. If you fail to impress your candidates through the recruitment journey, you will not be able to recruit and retain hospitality employees. 


After the pandemic, the hospitality industry especially has experienced major shifts in the job market. The future is uncertain, and companies need easy and quick recruitment solutions to recruit and retain hospitality employees. 

One thing is sure, if you are still using the same hiring strategy with a stable job market in mind, you are doing something wrong.

Scancruit Wins Most Innovative Headhunter 2022 Award

MEA Markets is a quarterly publication dedicated to researching and publicising the major moves and events. They are presenting the UAE Business Awards for the seventh consecutive year. Scancruit wins the most innovative headhunters 2022 award because of its positive reputation and effective services

After the pandemic, the employment market has changed, and Scancruit is changing the recruitment game in the region. They believe in going above and beyond for their clients and delivering that little ‘extra’ which creates exceptional partnerships. 

A company with a positive reputation 

In addition to Scancruit wins most innovative headhunters 2022 award in the United Arab Emirates. MEA Markets has written an article explaining more about the company. Explaining why Scancruit is the right company to win the business award. 

“Recruitment agencies can be incredibly beneficial to both employers and jobseekers – they provide information, advice, and access to suitable talents or jobs. Scancruit is a shining example of what a recruitment agency should be. Indeed, the company boasts a positive reputation due to the entirely bespoke nature of its effective services.” 

Values and future goals 

Scancruit values people and this underpins everything that they do. They believe that the right people make the difference between success and failure. The team trusts very much in going above and beyond for their clients. Identifying the right candidate to grow the clients’ company. Scancruit strives to retain excellent relationships with both candidate and client during the whole process. When integrating the candidate into the new role through meticulous onboarding.

2022 is set to be an exciting year for Scancruit. It has numerous plans in the pipeline, ranging from its expansion into the American market to simply improving its position in the world. However, the primary goal is to continue offering a premium service to its clients, helping companies around the world to find the right talents, and helping candidates find their dream job.