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Awards for our recruitment process

Attract & Source

Scancruit helps businesses find top talent through effective and targeted recruitment strategies.

Talent Scouting

Our agency specializes in executive search to connect companies with exceptional and experienced leaders.

Ai Driven Optimization

Scancruit uses advanced technology and analytics to streamline and optimize the recruitment process.

Goal Oriented Process

We assist with candidate screening and interviewing to ensure the best fit for your team's culture and goals.​

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What Is Recruitment ?

Recruitment is about searching and selecting future employees for a company

The process can be time demanding, and it can be hard to find the right candidate for the job if you don’t have the knowledge and experience of recruitment. Normally, the recruitment is done by a human resources department in a bigger company, a head of the department or someone from management in smaller companies. The goal is to find the best suited for the job, who will fit the company’s needs.

What Is Headhunting ?

Headhunting is a discipline that demands great experience & network

Headhunting is used for positions were it is not expected to get a lot of qualified applicants, despite the ordinary search and selection process and the use of job adverts. The headhunter is searching through the market and network on the basis of different criterias. The candidates are often found on the market, where they typically already are positioned in great jobs at a rival company.


We secure a successful recruitment of the right talent internationally

Our broad network of contacts helps our experts identify winning candidates from a wide range of industries. We have spent time refining our methods, allowing us to fit the right person to the right job more quickly and effectively than ever before

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At Scancruit, we offer a range of recruitment services.

No matter what business you search for a new employee in, you can be sure to find an area with us.


The right onboarding process allows new employees to hit the ground running. It comprises an induction

Buddy System

The buddy system is a form of mentorship that allows insights to be passed from existing employees to new staff.

Candidate Database

We maintain an extensive database of worthwhile candidates. This allows us to quickly match vacant jobs in Dubai and elsewhere with the talent necessary to fill them.

Professionel Headhunting

That’s where a skilled headhunter comes in. We take a forensic approach to tracking down and approaching those high-value individuals.

Career & coaching

We maintain an extensive database of worthwhile candidates. This allows us to quickly match vacant jobs in Dubai and elsewhere with the talent necessary to fill them.


Getting a recruit installed into a business isn’t always straightforward. Not only do we need to consider the employee themselves, but you also need to think about how their family might make the adjustment.

Grow Your Company With The Right Talents

hiring the right employee could spell the difference between success and failure.