What is a CV and what Should it contain?

What is a CV and what Should it contain?

A CV is a detailed document presenting key facts about your professional experience, educational background, and skills. CV stands for curriculum vitae and is a document used when applying for jobs, to showcase the job seekers academic and professional accomplishments.
what is a CV and what should it contain

The CV must be considered as an appendix to the actual application and is a very important part of the application – if you do not send a curriculum vitae, you can be sure that many companies will not consider your application at all.

What is the purpose of a CV?

So, what is a CV and what is the purpose? The purpose of the curriculum vitae is to give the potential employer a quick overview of your education, work experience, skills, courses, and personal information. Therefore, the CV must be easy to read and accurately worded.

The difference between application and CV

Now you know more about what is a CV, but what is the difference between the actual application and the CV?The main difference between the application and the CV is that the curriculum vitae is a detailed document of your past experiences and qualifications. The application itself is forward-looking and an argumentation for why you should have the job.

What should a CV contain?

There are many ways to write a curriculum vitae and the perfect recipe of what should a CV contain does not exist, since it depends on what the company and employer are looking for. But we have put down an ultimate guide and we’ll teach you what is a CV and what should a CV contain. 

  • Personal data (name, address, telephone number, marital status, date of birth / year and e-mail)
  • Work experience / previous jobs, including job function, areas of responsibility, results obtained and other relevant information
  • Personal skills
  • Organizational experience
  • Education
  • Relevant courses and continuing education
  • Language skills and IT skills
  • Experience abroad
  • Other personal information

What should an application contain?

Now you know what is a CV and what should a CV contain, but now you need to focus on writing an application, to tell the company what you can contribute to the specific position. A good application is one page, where you clarify the match between your competencies and the specific tasks you must solve. 

An application should include:

  • A catchy headline
  • An introduction
  • Your motivation to apply for the job
  • A short conclusion.

80% of employers read your CV before your application, which is why it is a good investment to focus more on your curriculum vitae.

What is the typical mistakes in a CV?

The most typical mistakes people make while writing a CV is that they use almost the same profile over and over again. It is important that you adapt your resume depending on the job you are applying for and make sure that relevant competencies are clearly stated in relation to the job. 

It is also important that you do not avoid to mention any experience in the past, even if you have had a job which only lasted for 3 months. You can not choose the content of your resume yourself – you will have to stand by the experience you have had. If you are exposed in the fact that you have changed important information in your curriculum vitae, or lying about the start and end times for your employment, you risk being disqualified.

Be yourself in your CV

The style of your profile tells more about you than you think. It is important that you stick to a style that is true to you as a person, since it will reflect you and your personality. Use a professional and easy to understand language, and do not use too many foreign words. 

The curriculum vitae is a very important part in the application. Therefore, it would be a good idea to consider getting help from a professional company who know everything about what is a resume and what a resume should contain. They can help you write a catchy resume which will get you considered in the application process and get you closer to getting your dream job.