Scancruit’s Ramadan Kindness in Dubai

Scancruit’s Ramadan Kindness in Dubai

Discover the heartwarming story of Scancruit's Ramadan Kindness in Dubai as they spread hope and unity through their extraordinary initiative. Join us in witnessing the transformative power of compassion and collective action.

A Heartwarming Gesture

In the bustling city of Dubai, amidst the fervor of Ramadan. The team at Scancruit recently undertook a heartwarming initiative to spread kindness and support within their community. On the 26th of March, 2024, they came together with a spirit of compassion to prepare and distribute Iftar bags. Essential meals to break the fast – across Dubai.

Louise Hjorth, Head of HR at Scancruit, shared her reflections on the experience, saying, “It was a humbling experience to come together as a team and extend our hands in kindness to those in our community. Witnessing the smiles and gratitude on the faces of the recipients reminded us of the true essence of Ramadan – compassion, generosity, and unity.”

Values in Action

This initiative reflects Scancruit’s deep commitment to giving back to society, a value ingrained in their core principles. Rooted in their belief in the power of collective action. The team at Scancruit sees every opportunity to make a meaningful impact and uplift the communities they serve. Sharol Pinto, another member of the Scancruit team, emphasized, “Our hope is that our small gesture of kindness will resonate with the spirit of Ramadan and inspire others to join us in spreading love and generosity.”

Extending Warm Wishes

Founded in Scandinavia and recognized globally for their excellence in recruitment. Scancruit’s dedication to social responsibility shines through in initiatives like these. As Ramadan continues, Scancruit extends warm wishes of peace, blessings, and prosperity to all. May this sacred month be a time of reflection, gratitude, and unity for individuals and communities worldwide.


Scancruit’s Iftar bag distribution in Dubai exemplifies the transformative power of compassion and collective action. In a world often characterized by division and strife. Initiatives like these remind us of the boundless potential for positive change when communities come together in the spirit of empathy and solidarity.