How To Write An Effective Job Post 

One of the most important elements in the recruitment process when looking for qualified candidates for your company is the job post. The job post is a general guide, which is created to provide the most necessary information for a job position. It is also an introduction to your company and brand. Job postings are posted on job boards, career sites, and through recruitment agencies. If you focus on how to write an effective job post, as well as the reach, the bigger the potential will be for you to find the right candidate for your company. 

Choose a concise title 

The first step in how to write an effective job post is to choose a concise title. The job title is an incredibly important part of the recruitment process. The job title is much more than a name. Since the title is the first thing applicants see when they are searching for a job. Whether the right candidate clicks on your job posting or not, can be determined by the job title. Make sure that the job title is relevant to your industry, that it appeals to the right candidate, and matches the job salary expectation. 

Describe the company and culture  

The first impression is always the most important. It can have a huge impact on how the potential candidates view your company. Think about the values of your company and think about a great way to represent your company, since this will help you attract the right candidates. Explain what makes your company special, interesting projects or clients. Most importantly talk about the company culture and work environment. 

Include any educational requirements

The third step in how to write an effective job post is the educational requirements. Make sure to consider these requirements carefully. The educational experience should be described as an essential requirement, to get considered for the job. Make sure that the educational experience is relevant to the position. Experience and education are both very important factors when writing an effective job post. This is the easiest way for you to filter the different applicants, for you to find the perfect candidate in the end. 

Outline the skills and qualifications

One of the most important steps to consider is the skills and qualifications. You probably have some specific skills and qualifications the candidate must have to fit in the position. However, there are also skills that you would like an applicant to have, which are not mandatory. Do not be afraid to list as many qualifications as you want, but also remember that the requirements must be realistic for the position. 


Once you have written the job description and have reviewed it carefully, you are ready to post it. The job post is the first point of contact between you and your future employee. If you do not have a clear idea of what candidate you are looking for, you will not be able to fill the position efficiently and quickly. If you need help on how to write an effective job post or if you need help finding the right candidate for your company, you can contact our recruitment agency today. 

The Ultimate Guide For Better Recruitment

Many companies collaborate with recruitment agencies, to make their recruitment process more effective and efficient. While other companies rely on advertisements, job boards, and social media channels to recruit talents for new positions. The ultimate guide for better recruitment can improve your recruitment process. An improved recruitment process will reflect the company’s professionalism and help attract the right candidates while saving money and time. 

Job description and specifications

If you are looking for a new employee to grow your company. The first step to think about is some specifications for whom you would like and what you are looking for in your team. Because of limited time and workload, you may be tempted to accept the first person who applies for the job. That could be a big mistake. 

Therefore, it is important to brainstorm exactly what type of person you are searching for and what kind of specification you need. Afterward, you must choose a concise title for the position and write a clear description of the job. You must describe the work environment in the company. Clarify the skills, the educational requirements, and the work experience needed to fill this role. 

Choosing the candidates

You probably received many different job applications and hopefully, some of the candidates fit the requirements and specifications. Now comes the hard part, since you must choose the candidates that continue to the interview process. Make sure the work experience, educational experience, and skills, match the qualifications. Some candidates also include information about their personality and values. Which gives you an even better idea about if the candidate matches your company and work environment. 

To get more information about the candidates, you can research their LinkedIn profiles. It is a good idea to do a screening call, before inviting the candidate to an interview. In this way, you can ask the most relevant questions or get answers about missing information about the candidate. 

The interview process

When it comes to the interviewing process, it is a good idea to be prepared as an employer. Just like candidates spend time researching and preparing for the interview. Good preparation takes time, but it is worth it in the end. The right candidate is hard to find, so it is important that you as an interviewer know exactly how to evaluate the candidate and how to promote your company and brand.

Make sure to know your candidates and read their resumes. Figure out what information you are missing from the candidate, which is not included in the resume. Prepare your interview questions beforehand and be ready to answer any questions the candidate might have about the company or about the position. It is also a good idea to give the candidate a profile analysis or an assessment test. 

Selection and verification

The final stage of the ultimate guide for better recruitment is the selection process. You might want to do a verification check to reassure that your finalist is reliable. Employers may conduct background checks to make sure the candidates have told the truth about themselves in their resumes and interviews. 

You might also want to get some references for your best candidates. This way you will get feedback about their performances from people they have worked with in the past, such as former colleagues and managers. After the selection process, you finally found the perfect candidate to grow your company. 

Job offer and onboarding

You are soon ready to welcome your new employee, but first, you must finish the job offer process. If you forget any details, you might risk losing a great candidate and you must start the recruitment process again. The job offer process usually requires filling out paperwork, getting approvals, and completing the last preparations before you welcome the new employee. 

To make sure that the new employee gets a smooth onboarding, you can send a welcome email to get the new employee excited for the first day. You may also schedule a team meeting, to introduce the new employee and to create a good social work environment from the beginning. Give the new employee all the relevant documents, videos, and web pages about your company’s history, mission, and stories that give a better understanding of your company’s values.  Make the first day even more memorable, by giving the new employee a welcome kit, with relevant products and a welcome letter.


Congratulations on your new employee! But don’t forget to inform rejected candidates that didn’t get the job. They might be a potential employee in the future, and a positive candidate experience will only benefit your company’s brand

If you follow the ultimate guide for better recruitment, you will be one step closer to finding the perfect candidate to grow your company. If you are looking for a more time and cost-saving solution, contact a recruitment agency and let them help you with the recruitment. 

How To Recruit And Retain Hospitality Employees

After the pandemic, there was a rise in candidates in the hospitality industry and many were looking for jobs. Though it didn’t take long before it turned. Suddenly there was a high amount of unfilled job vacancies and a lower unemployment rate.

The hospitality industry is ready to get back on track, but the low number of qualified candidates is slowing down the companies and is becoming an increasing concern. This results in a hiring problem in the industry and makes it difficult for companies to recruit and retain hospitality employees. 

Focus on a faster hiring process 

Before the pandemic, the hospitality industry had the advantage of a higher volume of candidates than they needed. This meant that the hiring process automatically was much more inefficient. Since they were always able to find new talented candidates. 

Now that the tables have turned, companies must focus on a faster hiring process. If they want to catch the talents before their competitors. If a candidate applies for a role and doesn’t hear from the company or if they are forced to wait weeks for an interview, this is driving the talents away. 

Keep in mind it is a candidate’s market 

In a candidate’s market, the talents have more freedom when searching for a job. They can be more critical when it comes to the salary, the working hours, and the working conditions. 

In this new candidate’s market, companies in the industry must invest the same attention, time, and money to recruit and retain hospitality employees, as they invest in their customers. The recruitment experience is a great way to start. 

Talents need to be engaged 

The hospitality industry is fighting to get back on track. Though we cannot deny that the pandemic has affected the industry. There are still some challenges to overcome. 

Therefore, the companies must focus on highlighting the benefits of the industry to recruit and retain hospitality employees. This could be the flexible schedules, good benefits, great work experience, and career opportunities around the world. If you fail to impress your candidates through the recruitment journey, you will not be able to recruit and retain hospitality employees. 


After the pandemic, the hospitality industry especially has experienced major shifts in the job market. The future is uncertain, and companies need easy and quick recruitment solutions to recruit and retain hospitality employees. 

One thing is sure, if you are still using the same hiring strategy with a stable job market in mind, you are doing something wrong.

Scancruit Wins Most Innovative Headhunter 2022 Award

MEA Markets is a quarterly publication dedicated to researching and publicising the major moves and events. They are presenting the UAE Business Awards for the seventh consecutive year. Scancruit wins the most innovative headhunters 2022 award because of its positive reputation and effective services

After the pandemic, the employment market has changed, and Scancruit is changing the recruitment game in the region. They believe in going above and beyond for their clients and delivering that little ‘extra’ which creates exceptional partnerships. 

A company with a positive reputation 

In addition to Scancruit wins most innovative headhunters 2022 award in the United Arab Emirates. MEA Markets has written an article explaining more about the company. Explaining why Scancruit is the right company to win the business award. 

“Recruitment agencies can be incredibly beneficial to both employers and jobseekers – they provide information, advice, and access to suitable talents or jobs. Scancruit is a shining example of what a recruitment agency should be. Indeed, the company boasts a positive reputation due to the entirely bespoke nature of its effective services.” 

Values and future goals 

Scancruit values people and this underpins everything that they do. They believe that the right people make the difference between success and failure. The team trusts very much in going above and beyond for their clients. Identifying the right candidate to grow the clients’ company. Scancruit strives to retain excellent relationships with both candidate and client during the whole process. When integrating the candidate into the new role through meticulous onboarding.

2022 is set to be an exciting year for Scancruit. It has numerous plans in the pipeline, ranging from its expansion into the American market to simply improving its position in the world. However, the primary goal is to continue offering a premium service to its clients, helping companies around the world to find the right talents, and helping candidates find their dream job. 

3 Reasons Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency 

We all know the basic reasons why you should use a recruitment agency when looking for a new candidate to join your team. Unfortunately, very few people realise all the other benefits that come with using a recruitment agency. Working with a recruitment agency can be highly beneficial. Not only for your hiring manager, but also to the whole company. 

Saves Time

The recruitment process can take a long time, especially if you are looking to recruit managers or specialists. In these cases, it is typically more difficult to find candidates who has the right professional and personal qualifications. That matches the job description and the company. Therefore, it can be valuable to work with a recruitment agency. Who have the right analytical background and knowledge about the job market. A recruitment agency knows exactly how to contact different types of profiles and professionals. They usually have access to a large candidate database and special features on LinkedIn. Which make it possible to search more accurately and reach more potential candidates who may not be actively looking for a job.

Typically, the recruitment agency interviews the most relevant candidates. They selects the final candidates, that fits the job description and the companies’ values. In this way you can go straight to the most important interviews, and this will make you save a lot of time as a company. 

Cost Savings 

The cost of going through CVs and interviews adds up. Some of the costs saved when working with a recruitment agency is the costs for posting job adverts. As well as potential overtime costs and the cost of potentially hiring a candidates unfit for the role. You will also be able to save future hiring costs. Which will be reduced due to a trustworthy relationship with a recruitment agent.  There is also the possibility to save costs when the recruiter help you negotiate the best salary, giving both advice and guidance about the salaries on the market. 

Market knowledge 

The perfect candidate can be hard to find and especially when you are searching for a candidate with both professional and personal requirements. This is where a recruiters industry expertise and market knowledge prove to be priceless. Recruiters are specialists in the market and can give you insights about how to reach out to the best available talents, salary rates, career expectations, current hiring complexities and available skills sets. Many recruitment agencies do also offer additional services. That could be personality tests, executive search, support, and onboarding services, so you are sure to find the right talent to grow your company. 

The Best Way To Quit Your Job

It can be emotional quitting your job, and the feeling can be like breaking up with your partner since you are letting go of a company where you have spent time and created connections with colleagues. As for the manager, having an employee quit on you can generate a lot of negative emotions. Which is why it is important for you as an employee, to keep your professional relationship intact and focus on the best way to quit your job

Talk to your boss 

The first thing you must do when focusing on the best way to quit your job, is to schedule a meeting with your manager and let them know your plans. Make sure to give your manager a few weeks’ notice depending on your contract. In this way you avoid surprising your boss and it gives the company time to find another employee to fill the role and offload your work. 

If you are not comfortable telling your manager where you are going to work, you can let your manager know that you have not figured out all the details yet, but once everything is in place and set you will be happy to chat about the role. If you are taking some time off, you can mention that you want to take some time to reset before figuring out your next step, but you will be sure to tell more once you know what is coming. After your meeting make sure to send a resignation email, to resign in a formal way. 

Have an attitude of gratitude 

Perhaps you might be struggling with a negative attitude towards your manager, but always remember to show an attitude of gratitude, even if this is the last thing you feel like doing. Think back to when you had the first interview for this job and how much you wanted your manager to hire you. Think about the connections you have built with your colleagues or some of your great achievements, to change the negativity with thankfulness. 

The reason for this is that managers tend to respond more positively to resignations when the employee expresses gratitude in their resignation meeting or email. Make sure to keep the meeting or email to the point mentioning your leave date and then express some gratitude for all the experiences you had in your role. In this way you ensure to be on the best possible terms with your manager which is the best way to quit your job. 

Create a transition plan 

The last couple of weeks in your job is your last chance to leave a positive impression both in regards to your work and your colleagues. Perhaps you already started thinking about your next job and you are getting tempted to reduce the amount of workload. But keep in mind that you leaving your role affects several individuals and it most likely takes time for your manager to find and onboard a new employee to take your role. 

Therefore, the best way to quit your job is to be more engaged and helpful to set the next person up for success. You can give your manager a concrete suggestion when having the resignation meeting, that you are open to a flexible notice period or to train a replacement for your role. In this way you can put your managers mind at ease and you ensure the best way to quit your job. 

How Recruitment Companies use Social Media

Is it possible to use social media other than LinkedIn to recruit new employees? The answer is yes! We have put down the platforms and tools you can use in your recruitment and information about how recruitment companies use social media. 

Everything you can find is searched for!

The most effective tool for the search and selection process in recruitment is search strings. You can use search tools to find the right candidate for a role, by entering the most important information into a search engine you will find candidates with the desired qualifications. Whether you are on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or similar. Boolean search strings is a great way to find qualified candidates and is the most preferred process when searching for candidates for recruitment.

If you are a recruiter, this method is often your starting point. It is a great way to get an overview of how many people match the job description and where they are located geographically. It is also a great way to create a quick list of relevant candidates you can contact. Who knows, maybe you can close the recruitment process quickly. At the same time, as a candidate, you need to make yourself attractive on LinkedIn for potential employers to recruit you. It is important to update the profile with relevant information and keywords to increase your visibility. You can read more about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile here.  

Recruitment on all digital platforms

LinkedIn is the preferred platform for recruitment. Everyone is using LinkedIn today. This is the platform where all recruiters and HR managers operate when looking for candidates they want to recruit. You may have noticed that people working in HR or recruitment have looked through your profile every now and then, or you may have been contacted by someone with an exciting job offer. But LinkedIn is not the only digital platform recruiters use when looking for the right candidate. 

Some recruiters also use Instagram or Facebook, especially when searching for a candidate within a specific industry. Facebook has countless of groups and pages of which recruiters and HR managers are members. Typically, recruiters place job postings in the group and thereby reach relevant target groups. Instagram is an effective tool for recruitment companies to develop their brand identity, authenticity, and trust. Some recruiters might also use Instagram to search and select candidates for roles within specific industries. 

Take advantage of recruitment on social media

So, if you are a recruiter there is no reason to limit yourself. Instead use all the opportunities on the different social media platforms. Do not expect that the right candidate will come from one single job post, instead search for candidates yourself and post the job in different groups. In this way you can be lucky to close the recruitment process in a short amount of time. 

If you are a job seeker, make sure to optimize the relevant digital platforms and use the right keywords to create more visibility. You may not see the result in one week, but in the long run it will make a difference. There are no restrictions when it comes to recruiting on social media and you can go a long way by recruiting or applying for jobs in a different way than everyone else!

5 Tips For The First Working Day

Starting a new work in a new environment and with new faces, can be nerve wracking. But the changes can also be exciting, especially when you know how to tackle new challenges and learn more skills. 

Plan the day 

The first and most simple tip, is to make sure to plan the day. To avoid a stressful and frustrating morning, you can plan your outfit, the night before the first working day. It is also a good idea to check the route for your workplace and find out how to get there and how long it takes depending on the traffic. Perhaps you can drive earlier from home, which gives you a little extra time if there are traffic jams and you avoid getting stressed. In this way you are sure to arrive to work in time with a peaceful mindset. 

Do not come to work empty-handed 

If you haven’t been giving any instructions for the first working day, it is always a good idea to bring your own computer. Even if the company will give you a work computer, you never know if it has been delivered for the first working day. It is also a good idea to bring a book to write down notes and any documents about the company or employee manuals you have received from the company. 

Practice how to introduce yourself

One of the most important things to practice for the first working day, is how to introduce yourself. On the first working day, you will meet and talk to your new colleagues, and you will probably be asked a lot of questions. A good work environment between colleagues is very important, therefor it is essential to make a good first impression. With a little preparation, you are ready to answer all the questions your new and curious colleagues ask during the day. 

Listen and ask questions

When starting the first working day, it is important to listen and learn from your colleagues. You most likely don’t know everything about the company, the systems, and the processes, which is why you must be humble, instead of having a “I know everything” attitude. Pay extra attention and write important information in your notebook. Ask questions about everything from the system and tools to colleagues’ projects and experiences. 

Be yourself

You made it through the recruitment process by being yourself, so why start being a different person now? It is normal to be nervous the first working day, but do not doubt yourself. Remember that they chose you for a reason and you are the right person for the job. Therefor the last tip for the first working day is to be yourself when you talk and interact with your new colleagues. Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has never been more important when it comes to job search. If you follow our steps on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, you will increase your chances of making a good impression when searching for a job. Your LinkedIn profile is your professional branding profile and the more you optimize it, the better chances you have to get your dream job. 

1. Upload a Professional Photo 

First thing to do is to upload a professional photo. The photo must have been taken recently, be professional and have a neutral background. Your background or cover image should associate with your professionalism. This could be a picture that shows that you are hardworking, positive, or motivated. It could also be a picture that reflects the industry you are working in perhaps shipping, hospitality, or whatever industry you are working in. 

2. Create a Great Headline 

Your LinkedIn headline can help boost your profile and create more brand awareness. Even though this short description is mostly used for job titles, you can take it a step further and add even more details about your current role and your personality. You can mention that you are result-driven, creative, passionate or whatever you feels describes you professionally.  

3. Tell your story

If you want to know how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, the about section is a good way to start. Some people might use this section to list their recent job titles or achievements within their professional career. Others might use it to tell a small story about themselves or to mention their most valuable skills. The about section is a way for you to brand yourself in a few sentences, so make sure to focus on what you believe is your most important asset.

4. Work Experience and Education

Now comes the most important part. You must add relevant work experience and educational experience. Create a short description of your role and write the most relevant selling points about what you experience and what you achieved during the specific job or education. Make sure that your LinkedIn profile is consistent with your experience in your CV. 

5. Competencies

If you want to get noticed on LinkedIn, you must add all your competencies and skills. Most of the content on your LinkedIn profile works as keywords, as well as the competencies. Which is why it is important to add the most relevant competencies on your profile. This is a great way for you to brand your competencies and skills, as well as a great way to get noticed by recruiters or other relevant people. 

6. Grow your Network 

Now your LinkedIn looks great, so now it is time to make yourself visible. It is great to have a big network, however if your network gets too big it can take away focus from the primary focus of your profile. Make sure to connect with like-minded and skilled individuals to expand your industry and potentially advance your career. If you are looking for a job, it is a good idea for you to connect with relevant companies or recruitments agencies.    

5 Ways To Attract And Retain Good Employees

The recipe to attract and retain good employees is simple. Your future employees and current employees needs to be happy and motivated. Employees who are happy and motivated with their jobs stay longer in companies and they are the key to a healthy and successful company. 

Here are 5 ways to attract and retain good employees. 

1. Create and sustain a culture of recognition 

When looking at ways to attract and retain good employees, a culture of recognition can be a considerable game changer. Such a culture engages and empowers employees, making them feel like the work they do has a meaning and purpose. But how do you create a culture that will make your employees eager to work in your company. The short answer is employee recognition. Focus on recognizing your employees and give them positive feedback. Most people respond positively to recognition, and it can provide them with renewed energy. Many people work even harder when their efforts are recognized by their manager, since they feel valued in the company. It gives the employers motivated and happy employees who think positively about their manager and the workplace. 

2. Make feedback a keystone of your culture

Creating an environment in which honest, open, and two-way feedback is supported and embraced is one of the most effective ways to cultivate a workplace culture that attract and retain good employees. Constructive feedback is one of the best things a manager can give to their employees. When feedback is delivered properly it can strengthen positive behavior and ensure a strong culture in your team. Feedback also involves in discussing growth opportunities. At companies where managers discuss growth opportunities with employees, the impact of retention is increasing. Employees consider growth as a core value and having opportunities for development may be a deciding factor in whether they will choose employment in your company

3. Give responsibility and trust your employees

Responsibility gives motivated employees. Most people want to develop professionally. It can be through new work assignments, new areas of responsibility or courses and certifications. Many people see promotion as an important factor for professional development and motivation. One thing is certain. The employers must create an environment where employees can have more responsibility and the professional motivation must be supported to keep efficient employees.  Responsibility and development is key if you are looking for ways to attract and retain good employees. If there are no clear signs of development within the company, the employees will be more likely to look for new opportunities.

4. Offer a flexible schedule 

A flexible schedule will allow an employee to work hours that may not correspond with normal working hours. Not all good employees will have the availability to work standard hours. There might be circumstances that cause conflicts with a standard work schedule. Therefore, having the possibility to be flexible will help attract and retain good employees. A flexible work schedule can include flexible work hours, compressed workweek, job sharing and allowing employees to work remotely. 

5. Treat your employees fairly 

Employees are the greatest assets in a company. If a company want to attract and retain good employees, the company should treat them well. When an employee knows that their company cares about them, they may be more willing to take care about the company. Motivational variables are different for each person, which is why it is important for the employer to understand what motivates each employee. Once the employer understands the motivational variables of their employees, they can start to create more retention benefits within the company. By making sure that you treat your employees fairly and equally based on their qualifications and efforts, you can improve employee satisfaction and retention.