Privacy policy


When we receive personal data about you, it’s important that you trust us in processing and managing your personal data in a secure way. It means a lot to us that you read this privacy policy through, because we will inform you about our management of your personal data.

About us

ScanCruit DMCC, Tiffany Tower 1106, JLT, Dubai - UAE, is the information systems manager of the personal data that is being processed.

If you choose to share your personal data with us, we will use the data in accordance with our privacy policy.

The protection of the personal data that you choose to share with us, is very important to ScanCruit DMCC. Therefore, your personal data will be protected in accordance to the Danish Data Protection Act.

When do we collect your personal data?

At ScanCruit we only collect the most necessary information about you to do our daily operational tasks, including HR-tasks, payment of wages, recruitments and administration of wages.

We process your personal data to:

  1. Send you job offers or information about our services and to coordinate these with requirements and competencies.
  2. Contact you about offers, newsletters and relevant information.
  3. Maintain, enter into and finish an employment agreement with you and to do the relevant administration task in that case.
  4. Administrate and secure your data.
  5. Help with your personal and professional development.
  6. Follow existing laws and rules.
  7. Process data for our clients in relation to the screening before employment.

What personal data do we collect about you?

We process the personal data that is necessary to deliver our services. If you want to use our services, some of this data is mandatory. To match our tasks better with your requirements and qualifications, it can be necessary to collect some more information.

This is specific documents with data, which is as follows:


  1. Name, address and contact information
  2. Date of birth
  3. Resume with associated information
  4. Data about unemployment, leave or similar
  5. Information about nearest relatives and their information
  6. Other relevant information about the candidate, such as references, certificates etc.

When you start working for or have been working for ScanCruit:

  1. Nationality, ID, work permit etc.
  2. Criminal record.
  3. Other data in relation to wage and registration of absence.
  4. We also collect data as a part of the screening process before the employment.

ScanCruit only registrate and keep sensitive personal data if it’s necessary in relation to follow the legal obligations. Sensitive personal data is information about a person’s race, religion, political data, health, sexual practices etc.

Who do we share your personal data with?

ScanCruit can pass on personal data to clients and subcontractors, public authorities, employers’ associations and in all other cases, where we can be required to do this.

Personal data is passed on on the basis of legitimate interest, legal obligations etc.

ScanCruit made the necessary arrangements to secure that the personal data that is passed on, is protected against loss, illegal processing etc.

This is how long we keep your data

The time span for keeping of your data depends on the legal time limits for keeping data.

Your job information (resume, work experience, education etc) is available until six months after the last contact, if you haven’t worked for ScanCruit.

If you worked for or is working for ScanCruit your data will be kept for five years after the date of employment. Some personal data is available for ScanCruit for a longer period. This could be in the case of complaints etc.

Personal data regarding business connections

ScanCruit process personal data for relevant persons who work for companies that we cooperate with.

We process personal data from business connections, such as names, contact information etc.

ScanCruit can in some cases pass on personal data from business connections. This will only be done if it’s necessary to implement the goals from the business connection or the purpose with the job task. These information can be passed on to candidates, business partners and subcontractors who deliver services on behalf of ScanCruit.

Your rights:

  1. You have the right to know what personal data ScanCruit process about you.
  2. You have the right to get updated on the personal data that ScanCruit has about you.
  3. You have the right to get your personal data deleted.
  4. If the treatment of personal data is based on a consent from you, you have the right to take this back, so that the process will stop.

The access can be limited for the sake of other person’s privacy protection, business secrets etc. You can contact ScanCruit if you feel that your personal data is processed against regulations.

Anmodningen sendes til:

ScanCruit DMCC

Tiffany Tower 1106, JLT, Dubai - UAE.

Att.: Person responsible for personal data

ScanCruit DMCC will within a month after the reception of the request send this to your email.

With requests about corrections and/or deleting of personal information, ScanCruit will research if the conditions is met, and we will do the changes or deleting as fast as possible.

ScanCruit can reject requests that are unreasonably repeating, demands disproportionate technical intervention (for example to develop a new system or significantly changing an existing practice), affect the protection of other personal data or in situations where the wanted action is really complicated (for example requests about data that only exists in backups).

For candidates, temporary workers, self-employed and business connections:

If you have uploaded your resume at our website, you can have access to the personal data that is registret about you. You can at any time change some information yourself by for example changing information in your resume or your contact information.

If you want to get access to all of your processed personal data and/or to change or delete your data, that can’t be changed by you, you need to contact your contact person at ScanCruit.


ScanCruit will secure and protect your personal data against loss and illegal use. We do this on the basis of physical, administrative, organisational and technical security measures.

ScanCruit protects your personal data and have taken internal rules about information safety that contains instructions and measures that protect your personal data against unauthorised publication and against access from unauthorized persons.

We have established procedures in the allocation of access rights to the employees of ours that process the personal data. We control their actual access through logging and supervision on the systems where it’s required.

To avoid data loss, ScanCruit makes continuous backups of your data set.

In the event of a security breach that results in a high risk for you according to discrimination, stealing of identity, loss of reputation or other, ScanCruit will inform you about the security breach as fast as possible.

ScanCruit’s security procedures are continuously revised on the basis of the newest technological development.

Besides ScanCruit’s internal systems, we also use external suppliers of IT services. We have agreements of data processing with all the relevant suppliers.


If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding ScanCruit’s protection of your personal data, you can contact ScanCruit DMCC, Tiffany Tower 1106, JLT, Dubai - UAE.


Due to different reasons, ScanCruit can at any time make changes or supplements to this statement about personal data. The newest statement about personal data can at any time be read at this page. This version is produced in the end of march 2019.