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Do you have a strong working knowledge of project management? Are you incredibly self-motivated and innovative? If yes, read more and apply today!

Our Client:

Our client is a group of passionate young individuals who are aiming to be one of the leaders in creative content creation (CCC) in the Middle East. Targeting challenges and hard roads to shape and form their companies’ structure to be able to handle any kind of project. They partner with clients in shaping their brands and making a positive change.

Key Responsibilities: 

Develop strategies

• Advising the company’s creative director.

• Taking all the project details from the creative director, the location of the project, work goals, duration, etc., to create a creative strategy to work on the project

• Dealing with the managers of the departments that implement the project and explaining the methods of implementing the strategies

• Ensure that the project is carried out through the strategies that have been established and approved for the project.

Determine the cost

• Determine the actual cost of the projects

• Managing the project cost

• Ensure that all project costs will be covered by the company’s financial department and approved by the general manager

Project implementation plan

• Take all project details from the responsible account manager

• Define project directions and key objectives

• Form the work team that will participate in the implementation of the project by identifying the needs required to work on the project

• Informing the account manager by making scheduled reports on the developments and what will happen in the next step to inform the customer about them

• Ensure that the project is implemented according to what was planned before and what is stipulated in the agreement with the client, taking into account the achievement of the company’s aspirations for the quality of implementation

Project delivery

• Handing over the project to the account manager for delivery to the client and ensuring that the project is closed according to the agreed standards and conditions

• Submit a comprehensive report to the financial management within the company on all expenses in the project, including all invoices that fall within the implemented project.


• Must possess a strong working knowledge of project management, design

• Must be incredibly self-motivated and innovative

• Must be able to translate ideas into actionable projects

• Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, graphic design, marketing, communications or visual


• Experience or coursework in business and management a plus

• Must have at least 10 years’ experience in the company’s industry, preferably in a

leadership or management role

Are you the one we are looking for ?

Are you the one we are looking for ?



Share this job post with your network