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We are looking for an Account Director who is strategic, a strong relationship-builder & negotiator and one who leads the team and the PR Agency in the right direction. Apply now if that is YOU!

Our client is a growing marketing communications consultancy with public relations at its core, but with a wide-ranging portfolio of services that encompass lead generation, content creation and production, media training and messaging workshops, podcast creation and production, social and digital media strategic and tactical services with a thriving Gaming Division.

It is a small but dynamic agency which appreciates and celebrates an entrepreneurial spirit, initiative and creativity and people that are positive and enjoy an environment where the focus is on delivering quality marketing consultancy whilst having fun doing it!

So being in a senior member of the team is a key role where the style and manner of leadership is strategic for both the team that you lead as well as the management team that you report in to.

They see the job description as a functional part of the profile they want to see at the Agency. They also believe that the Q&A below helps to define their view of the role beyond the JD.

What is the role of an account director?

The Account Director leads a set of accounts (portfolio), within the agency, ensuring that they are profitable, and growing. They take responsibility for the delivery of quality creative work – written as well as visual - that meets the client's needs and addresses their business problems and must champion that work.

What is the difference between an account manager and an account director?

Generally, an account manager acts as a link. They are the ones who maintain regular contact with the clients and inform them of the company's new policies. An account director, on the other hand, acts as their superior. They keep a check on account managers and ensure that client satisfaction is maintained and Agency standards upheld at all times.

An Account Director is someone who oversees client projects and nurtures relationships with clients. They plan projects, coordinate various teams, and manage budgets to reach their client's goals. They challenge the team and ask the defining questions, are we proud of what we are doing, the results? Can we do better? What’s plan B? etc…

What makes a great account director?

An Account Director is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the process, from planning to budgeting, including coordinating with different teams on projects to make sure projects & campaigns achieve their intended goals.

They are entrepreneurially minded individuals who have a strong understanding of how business works at different levels from management up to creating new avenues in which the businesses can grow into successful competitors within their industry.

A successful Key Account Director is: Empathetic – deeply understand the goals, drivers, and needs of others. Service-oriented – ready to go the extra mile for their clients. ... Good communicator – writes and speaks for impact; confirms that the other side has the same understanding. Can foresee challenges, or Client ‘developing’ needs and add value and consultancy proactively vs reactively.

Account Director responsibilities include:

  • Plan budgets and activities for account management
  • Solid knowledge of Client business and industry, competitors as well as regional market nuances and trends (business/Tech/Finance/Cyber-security…..). AD needs to have an opinion based on market knowledge and give relevant input and consultancy to Clients and account team when and where needed
  • Solid knowledge of regional media – different key Tier 1 media titles in UAE, rest of GCC, Lebanon & Jordan, their readership, focus, style and content
  • Ensure account team is profitable – provide solutions for any Clients hemorrhaging Agency time & resources unprompted
  • Set up goals and objectives for all team members and mentor them
  • Provide feedback and counsel in a timely way to team members to meet quotas/objectives
  • Conduct regular performance evaluations using key metrics
  • Serve as the point of contact for clients in your portfolio
  • Understand customer requirements and needs to offer suitable solutions and generate new business
  • Ensure the timely delivery of services and products to clients
  • Resolve issues to maintain and strengthen customer trust
  • Read reports of team members and communicate overall quarterly/annual progress to senior management and external stakeholders

What does an Account Director do?

An Account Director oversees all aspects of a team through mediation and negotiation while maintaining strong relationships with account managers. They develop strategies to grow their client base and ensure that the team is providing quality, cost-effective services that are of value to the Clients (It’s all about ROI for Clients).

Who does an Account Director work with?

The Account Director works closely with their team and the management team to maintain the company’s existing clients.

Their primary role is to oversee the entire customer experience, so the Account Director will work with other directors and managers to ensure clients are satisfied, and projects are completed to high standards.

The day-to-day

  • Senior contact for client accounts
  • Managing client service and agency performance
  • Overseeing PR campaigns from creative brief to implementation and delivery
  • Analyzing PR outcomes and interpreting data 
  • Presenting findings to the board, clients and key stakeholders 
  • Delegating to and managing a PR team 
  • Provide strategic input and nurture the team to add value and be on step ahead
  • Nurturing talent 
  • Winning new business and developing current client accounts 
  • Contributing to the overall business 
  • Developing a wide network and nurturing key contacts in media, with event organizers, analysts and key associations that are relevant to the Agency and your Clients 

Key responsibilities

Responsibilities will vary according to organization and accounts but will include a combination of:

  • Leading and managing a team of PR professionals and account managers, providing career counsel, professional development support, monitoring, and performance reviews
  • Identifying training needs where required
  • Managing new accounts along with existing ones
  • Key contact for clients.
  • Overseeing media strategy and account development
  • Providing support for agency growth and development of new business pipeline
  • Achieving exceptional outcomes for current clients and managing an extended portfolio ensuring consistency of service is delivered in line with company policy
  • Championing the agency values and brand
  • Developing senior press relationships and managing contacts with key commentators, industry spokespeople and sector influencers
  • Offering crisis management and counsel to clients and extending networking opportunities
  • Overseeing provision of account resources
  • Formulating business strategy in conjunction with other directors
  • Reporting into the board and providing high level data analysis
  • Leadership and management skills within a PR environment
  • Talent development expertise 
  • Senior experience within a PR agency or in-house position 
  • Business development abilities with track record of success 
  • Experienced at winning new clients and pitching for business 
  • Keen networker and adept at building relationships with key influencers and industry spokespeople 
  • Proven ability to present complex industry information to target audiences 
  • Expertise at handling a range of media to place products, grow brands or pitch for new customers 
  • Excellent project management skills with strong organizational and planning skills
  • Exceptional written, verbal and presentation skills 
  • Ability to analyze complex data and interpret it for a range of audiences
  • Outstanding interpersonal skills
  • Strong negotiation and delegation skills 
  • Business acumen with the ability to communicate across departments and represent PR at a senior level within the business 
  • Drive award winning campaigns 

Are you the one we are looking for ?

Are you the one we are looking for ?



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