The IT-business is in constant development, and therefore, it’s necessary as an employee in IT to be constantly updated. In this business you can work with software, hardware or both. There are many new positions, because it’s still a new business compared to other businesses. We say that we live in the digital age, which means that all companies (more or less) need an IT department or IT-competent employees, because there will be needed IT-systems and digital solutions in a workplace.
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IT stands for information technology, and the business is build around positions, that deals with IT in different ways and levels. 

There are both practical and more sedentary positions in IT, but the most important thing is that you know that you work in a business that is in constant development and needs to be searched and improved all the time. Some IT employees maintain and update systems regularly, while others correct the errors that occurs. Other IT employees work in software and programming, which is behind the screen such as making the websites, programs and applications we use every day and that has become an important part of our standard of living. 

If you work with hardware, you are specialized in the physical electronics such as phones, computers, tablets and so on. In this field the employees knows a lot about repairing and substituting parts of these tools. 



There are not many companies that don’t use IT in some sort. Some handle a big part of their use of IT themselves with an IT department or just one IT employee to do the work. Others outsource their IT tasks to specialized companies in the business. 

There is a big difference on what the companies need IT to. Some companies need programs to keep an eye on the customer's activities, some use IT for marketing and sales, while others use it for other things. There are also a lot of companies, that led their accountancy use digital programs to do advanced calculations and keep information. You also use IT for a lot of the administration work of the company. This could be staff administration, planning of production, overview of clients and administration of storage and purchase. 

Furthermore, IT is used to control different machines and production works. A lot of robots in factories are controlled by advanced IT-systems. There are also different programs for design, 3D printing and lots of other things. The police, the military and security companies also use IT for control and surveillance. 

Therefore, there is a big need of finding employees that have a knowledge about IT and the different systems and programs that exists. It’s also important to have someone who can constantly improve everything according to use and security. 

There are also an increasing use of IT in the public sector. This is seen in different registries and databases, that is creating a overview of the citizens, vehicles, criminals etc.

The digital opportunities are many and the limits are few. There is a constant need for people in IT, which gives great job opportunities if you are an IT expert. 



Specialized companies in IT can offer a lot of different help and work in many different areas. Therefore, it’s important to make clear to yourself what kind of IT you want to work in or with. 

Some companies in IT work with SEO where you try to make a company and their products more visible than the competitions. SEO stands for search engine optimization and means that you want to be in the top rankings of Google - when a potential customer searches for words that relates to the company and its products. Furthermore, you have a great knowledge of search patterns. Search patterns are potential clients and target group’s way of searching products or services. The SEO employee knows a lot of the companies’ websites and other digital platforms, where search words analysis can be necessary for companies. 

Additionally there are IT companies that work with the making and optimizing of software. This is the part behind the screen. A company like that can help programme websites, apps or IT systems. Here you work with codes that the normal user won’t see, but it creates computer games, databases, different editing programs etc. 

There are also companies that is specialized in hardware, which is the opposite of the software - the physical objects. With hardware there is often need for a store, where you can come in and buy new electronic devices and deliver old ones to reparation. 

Some IT companies are more practical, were they install broadband and to solve potential problems and to make sure that these doesn’t occur. These employees are specialized in set up and improve network and network connections, so that they can cope with many users at the same time. 



There are many different job titles in this business, where some employees will be specialized in one field, while others have expertise in other areas. It can be hard to keep in track what positions there are in the IT business, because of the great development in the business. New positions keep arising. This is positions like: 

  • Administrator of databases
  • Software or web developer 
  • IT security employee
  • Technical supporter
  • Security engineer
  • Senior developer
  • Programmer 

The different IT-employees are split in many different categories. In bigger companies there can be different IT employees with their separated area under one department. In other companies there might be just one employee who works in all from SEO to web development. 

Some IT employees also work as the head of the department or project manager, where they have the responsibility for the department’s success or the completion of a concrete IT project. Here they have great knowledge in specific areas and they lead the way for the other employees in the department.  



It depends on the IT position you want to have, what direction you should go in to become an IT employee. There is a big difference in the different educations and requires for the business. 

Some positions require a bachelor degree or master’s degree in IT, while others can be hired do to their interest and knowledge of IT.