Navigating Saudi Arabia’s Evolving Employment Landscape

Empowering the Local Workforce

Saudization, or the Saudi Nationalization Scheme, aims to hire more Saudis in the private sector. Started in 1985, it now reserves specific roles just for Saudi citizens. This shows the government’s commitment to developing local talent and relying less on foreign workers.

Bridging Skill Gaps and Creating Growth

Despite the policy’s goals, there’s still a significant lack of skilled professionals in crucial fields like engineering, IT, and healthcare. In light of this, the Saudi government has established new standards for its scholarship program, urging Saudi students to study abroad.

Diverse Impact Across Industries

Saudization has affected industries like retail and wholesale. Companies are struggling to meet Saudization quotas and find enough local workers. To help job seekers, the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF) has transformed its branches into employment centers, offering essential support and guidance.

Navigating Change for Expats

The Expat Dependent fee, started in 2017, has caused many expats to think about leaving the Kingdom. As the fee increases each year until 2020, a lot of expats have chosen to go. Despite this, some industries still need skilled workers, offering opportunities for expats in professional services, private family businesses, and certain government roles.

Progressing Toward a Promising Future

Despite the above mentioned, Saudi Arabia still attracts professionals looking for personal and career development. With the country’s strong commitment to achieving its Vision 2030 objectives, the shifting job environment provides an opportunity for local and international talents to collaborate and learn from each other.

A Booming Business Hub

Saudi Arabia’s visions has transformed the kingdom into a prime destination for expats seeking professional growth. With thriving sectors like technology and healthcare, coupled with tax-free incomes and a vibrant lifestyle, Saudi Arabia offers unparalleled career opportunities and a high standard of living. Emphasizing diversity and work-life balance, the kingdom is set to become a global talent magnet, offering a bright future for expats.


Saudization is empowering Saudi Arabia’s workforce, opening doors for professionals to contribute to the growing economy. Under Vision 2030, the kingdom has become a hotspot for expats, offering thriving sectors, tax-free incomes, and an inviting lifestyle. With a focus on diversity and work-life balance, Saudi Arabia is set to attract global talent, ensuring a bright future for both expats and the nation. Stay informed with Scancruit’s updates for expert advice on navigating this evolving job market.