About us

ScanCruit offers your company professional solutions in the recruitment business. We work as your internal HR-department and make sure that you get a personal consultant with experience with your business area. Furthermore, we assist job seekers getting the right job and we ensure the best match between company and employee. Read more about who we are and what we can do for you on this page.

Who we are

ScanCruit is a recruitment company placed in Dubai. From here we help with expat recruitment, relocation service and employee assistance. We cooperate among others with Kandidaterne ApS in Denmark. We have full time hands on and people local in both Denmark and in the UAE.

We secure a successful recruitment of scandinavian expats to the UAE. We take part in the process, right from describing the position, finding the right candidate - and to the part where we secure that the expat and its family will be integrated and settled in in the new country and new company.

Through network, local presence in both Scandinavia and UAE and skilled professionals within HR, recruitment and onboarding we deliver success and security for Scandinavian companies represented in the UAE.

We work from the motto “we value people”, because we think that the right people can make your company better. It’s not just important for us that we send out the right candidate, but that the cooperation between candidate and company is good. And that we as a third part also have good relations to both the candidate and the company.

We concern ourselves with a lot of different businesses and we can therefore offer our service within a lot of different positions.

What can we do for your company?

In a collaboration with ScanCruit you can get professional help with finding the right employee to your company. We are specialized in finding the right candidate no matter what solution you need. This can be services that includes recruitment, headhunting, onboarding etc.

If you outsource the job to us, you can focus on what you do best - your main tasks. Then we can focus on finding you the best and most qualified new employee, who can make your company better.

If you as a private person want guidance and counseling in finding your new job, you can read more under our subpage Career & Coaching.

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