Search And Selection

Do you want to save time and resources in your search for your next employee? Then there can be many advantages in choosing a Search & Selection procedure with ScanCruit.

What is search and selection?

Search & Selection differs from the full recruitment procedure from ScanCruit, because with Search & Selection you yourself handle the final process and the final selection of your future employee. But you still have professional help during the search process. With Search & Selection we deliver several resumes from qualified candidates to you. Then you don’t need to be a part of the first search process. You decide how many resumes you want to have access to and how many you want to select.

Why should you choose ScanCruit to search and selection?

At ScanCruit our job consultants have experience and knowledge about many different businesses, so we know which demands there are to different positions in different businesses. Which means that we can find candidates in almost every business, and we have a network that is spread to all kinds of branches. Furthermore, we have a big database with loads of resumes from qualified candidates. In that way we have the tools to find and select the perfect candidates for your company. You are in good hands with us, because we only send you resumes from the most relevant and competent candidates.

Before you get the resumes send to you, you get the opportunity to align expectations with one of our competent job consultants. In this way you can be sure that he/she knows exactly what kind of person you want for the job. It can be done through a profile of the employee where you can explain your wishes according to professional and personal qualifications. Afterwards we will find the qualified candidates for you.

Do you want to outsource the whole process instead?

If you feel that it’s too much to be responsible for the whole process of selecting the right candidate, you can outsource the whole process to ScanCruit. Then we are responsible for the full recruitment process from the beginning to the end - from the searching process to the final selection and job interview. You can read more about this in our subpage “Recruitment and headhunting”


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