Recruitment & Headhunting

What is recruitment and headhunting

Recruitment is about searching and selecting future employees for a company. The process can be time demanding, and it can be hard to find the right candidate for the job if you don’t have the knowledge and experience of recruitment. Normally, the recruitment is done by a human resources department in a bigger company, a head of the department or someone from management in smaller companies. The goal is to find the best suited for the job, who will fit the company’s needs.

It’s a good idea to collaborate with a recruitment company that has knowledge and experience with matching companies with personalities. A recruitment company can research the candidates more than you can as a company, because they are experts in reading people and know if the person fits the company or not.

Headhunting is a discipline that demands great experience, network and almost skills in the detective business. Headhunting is used for positions were it’s not expected to get a lot of qualified applicants, despite the ordinary search and selection process and the use of job adverts. The headhunter is searching through the market and network on the basis of different criterias. The candidates are often found on the market, where they typically already are positioned in great jobs at a rival company.

The task is from here to discreetly contact the potential candidate and have a conversation with him/her. This will typically happen outside working hours in a neutral location, because the potential candidate don’t want to risk missing his current job.

The headhunting negotiation process is often intensive and quick. A typical time frame would be 3-5 weeks.

Recruitment from the company to the job seeker

When a company is recruiting, the process is as follows: There is a need for a new employee. It can be for a permanent employment because of growth or it can be for a limited position in connection with maternity leave or illness. Afterwards, the recruitment company will make a job advert of some kind. It can be an advert in a paper, an advert that is posted on social media like Facebook and LinkedIn or an advert on different job websites. When the applications starts getting in, the most relevant candidates will be selected. It’s very different how many candidates that are chosen to do an interview, but often it’s about 4-8 candidates.

At the job interview the candidate is evaluated through conversation and maybe through a personality test. It’s often a manager or the one who are closests to the future employee who participates in the interview.

Sometimes the most qualified candidates are called in for a second interview. It’s often at this point that the potential tests occur. Afterwards the best candidate is selected on the basis of who the manager finds the most compatible with the company’s values and needs. The last step is the contract negotiation.

Sometimes trial periods can occur to protect the company, if the new employee doesn’t fit to the company do to miscommunication, welfare or missing skills or qualifications. Therefore, it’s important to be honest through the whole employment process, so things like this can be avoided. It’s a waste of time for the company and the employee.

Why not use a recruitment agency instead?

You can also use a recruitment agency instead. Then they will do everything in the process, from finding the first candidates to making the final match, that can lead to employment in the company.

Job seeker to company

When you are a job seeker, there are different ways of searching for a job. You can submit a unsolicited application to a company that you would like to work with. It’s not always successful, but sometimes it works because the company can see that they need somebody with these skills or because they are impressed with the application. If you have the courage, you can also meet up yourself at the company with your application. It shows drive, which is important in many jobs.

You can also search for a job through different job portals. When you upload your resume online, you are visible for companies who need the skills you can offer. And they can contact you or you can contact them. When you do applications online, it is important to show yourself in a way that is accurate. It is very easy to embellish your skills in your resume, but it’s important to remember, that you also need to perform in real life. It’s easy to apply online, but it takes time and you often don’t find your dream job right away, because the website doesn’t have physical relations to the different companies.

At the recruitment company ScanCruit we nurse our relationships and network with the companies. Therefore, we can easily match you with the company that has your dream job. You can upload your resume in our database and then we will help and guide you to your new dream job. Further down this page, you can read more about why you should choose us as your job seeking portal.

Why use ScanCruit

ScanCruit has great experience with matching companies and personalities. We take pains in finding the right person for the job. We attach importance to the job seeker finding the dream job or the direction to find the dream job. ScanCruit unite companies with serious job seekers who want new or more challenges.

You are always welcome to contact us, if you feel that we can help you find your dream job. Furthermore, we can help your company finding the right employee that both match your mentality and has the skills that you are looking for.

To secure an effective and successful recruitment of your new employee, we work on the basis of a well-proven process of recruitment that is divided in seven phases:

  1. Profiling the company and position: We meet up with one or more representants from your company and together we make a profile description for the job you want to be positioned. This description contains a description of the company, the candidate’s profile, success criterias and wanted results. We establish a time frame for the whole procedure. Afterwards, we make a job advert that is approved by your company and is announced on our website, different social medias and different job portals.
  2. Search: To find the right match between the company, the candidate and the job we use searching as an important part of the process. We search intensive and investigative with both ordinary recruitment and headhunting. In addition to adverts, we use our broad network, our own database of resumes and Linkedin.
  3. Selection: We create a bigger group of the best and most qualified candidates that we contact and have a phone interview or physical interview with. In that way we can clarify questions and the frames for the job.
  4. Interview, profile analysis and references: When we have selected the best candidates from the abovementioned group, we begin the next step of personal interviews with a certified consultant. There will also be done a reference follow-up of these candidates.
  5. Presentation of the candidate: Now we will often be left with about 3-5 candidates who we feel match the position and the company. These will be presented to you at a meeting. Afterwards there will be a physical interview where you will attend. In some cases there will be additional tests in this phase.
  6. Final presentation and contract: Together we select the final candidate for the job and then we will do the contract negotiation and signings.
  7. Follow-up: During the first three months we have ongoing contact with you and the candidate - including two more interviews. This is done to ensure adaptation and to answer questions and challenges. In this way we ensure that the candidate feels good about his new position.

We will update you through the whole process of recruitment and give you a clear statu s on the process. It’s important to us that the collaboration between your company and your n ew employee becomes a success.


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