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Sales and marketing is about increasing the sale of products and services. This means that you as an employee in this business can work both B2B and B2C, because all companies need to use sales and marketing. There are many different areas connected to this profession. Therefore, the positions can be very different depending on the company. As the times are changing, the business develops and there will be new areas to attend to and therefore also new job titles.
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Sales and marketing is about increasing the sale of products and services. Even though sales are one thing and marketing another, they overlap, because they are closely connected and has the same purpose. The purpose with both of them is the customers and to increase the turnover. 

Therefore, it’s important to have a great interaction between the two in the company to achieve the best result. A survey from LinkedIn shows that a bad cooperation between these two leads to a bad economic output, worse experiences with the customers and less customer retention. If sales learn something from marketing and the other way around, there is a better synergy in the company. 

With the digitalization that is emerging in the whole world, the business has been changing and is still changing. So if you are old in the business, you would have to adjust yourself to the new times. Sales and marketing used to work very separated. But today we have to use the pull-strategy instead of push and have to adjust the solutions to the unique man. 


This means that you in the past used a strategy to push the products to the people through adverts, commercials and concrete sales (push-strategy). In today’s world we try to pull the customer to the product via a more digital mindset, where you for example use SEO and content marketing (pull-strategy). 

All companies work in some extend with sales and marketing - including production and detail companies. Depending on the type of company, you will sell to other companies or to private customers. This is what you call B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer). 



In sales and marketing there are different areas that you can work in, including: 

  • Purchase and sales 
  • Import and export
  • Marketing

Depending on which area you are specialized in, you will have different focus points and work tasks. There is a big difference depending on which kind of market you work in, and if you work in sales or marketing and what position you have. 

Purchase and sales

When you work with sales, it’s mostly trading you work with. You can either work with retail or wholesale. If you work with retail it’s smaller lot of goods and for private people. If you work with wholesale, it’s sales of bigger lots of goods to other companies. There are many different positions in sales, where you can work, including as a sales manager, sales assistant or phone salesman. 

Purchase is about planning what goods that should be bought, when they shall be in the store and to get the best price on the product. All companies that produces or sell products need purchase. Manufacturing companies need to buy the right raw materials and retail companies need to buy the products they are selling. Purchase is also a thing in restaurants or coffee shops, when they need the ingredients to cook. 

Import and export

Import and export is international trade. Import is when the company buys products or services abroad and export is when the company sells to buyers abroad. 

If you work with international trading there are different factors that are important. If you are selling to foreign countries there is a totally different market compared to the danish one, and the private customers have another way of buying. There is also a different culture in the companies. 

In this field you work with analyzing the customers, competitions, businesses and business models in relation to sales, trades and international marketing. Therefore, you can work in the same areas as “normal”, you just need to have an international perspective. 


People who work with marketing is promoting what the company is selling to increase the sale. But it’s not just direct commercial. There are many factors that need to play together to succeed. And it’s the marketing department in a company, that needs to work in all of these areas. It’s important to spread the general knowledge of the company and their products or services and to create a good reputation. 


There are many different companies and products out there. Therefore, the marketing has to increase that the customer finds the company or product through all the other companies. It’s about knowing your target group, so that you can contact them in the best way possible. You also need this knowledge to create more sales. 

There are many tools to use in this case. Depending on what market you refer to, there are many different marketing strategies. In the last decade we see that social media and digital platforms plays a big role in relation to marketing. You can say that marketing employees work behind the stage and affect people’s subconscious without having direct contact. This is instead of doing the direct kind of sale with a specific customer. 

There are also more traditional platforms such as printed commercial and adverts in papers, marketing posters on busses, comercial in TV, in the movie theater or in the radio. 


There are many different positions in both sales and marketing and they all have different works areas and tasks. Because the business is always in change, new positions keep coming, including the SoMe-manager. This position is about maintaining the social media with getting more followers and more activity on the channels. The most normal social media channels are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Below here you can see some of the positions that is seen in sales and marketing: 

  • So-Me-manager
  • Commercial CEO
  • Sales assistent
  • Marketing analytic
  • Customer service employee



Depending on what position you want to have, there can be shorter or long termed educations. If you are going to be a marketing manager, you might need an education in international business or marketing. If you are going to be a sales director, you need some kind of management education. 

Furthermore it’s often an advantages with personal competencies that matches the business. This could be things like being outgoing and good with people and network and create relations. This business has a great deal of human contact and it’s about reaching private customers and companies. 

We often see that companies search for employees that have great experience with sales and are good with closing deals. This is important if you work as a phoner were it’s important to create good relations to potential buyers, because there often will be negative associations from the customers side with this type of sale.