Administration is about doing different office tasks. There are many different positions in this business. Most of the administration positions require an office education. The positions in this business are often tied to a desk and is in offices. In this way you can create relationships with your colleges. There is a difference between common administration and public administration. The different businesses can have different qualification and education requires for the employees in their administration department.
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You can find jobs in administration in many different companies and across businesses. This is because almost all companies have administration tasks to attend to. This is valid in both one-man business, joint-stock companies, international organisations and in the public area. 

In the administration business you work with administration tasks such as: 

  • Financial statements
  • Secretary tasks 
  • Accounting 

Furthermore, you often work with people and tasks, that deal with other persons in the company, organisation or union. 

Some of the tasks are about planning different projects or events, persons or products and operational tasks that are important in the daily run of the company. 

Administration can be very different depending on which company you work in. Some administrative tasks are runned by rules and regulations, while others is about securing a safe and constant run of the company. 

Managers, secretaries and many others work with the organisation and structures of the company and the daily work, while there are other tasks like hiring or train staff etc. The different jobs in administration are in almost every business and sector, and they have the full overview of the company. HR and personnel administration, revision, counseling and a lot more are a part of the administrative work. 


When you work in administration, there are many different areas, where you can work and specialize in. This can for example be under Human Resource. 

With HR you work with recruitment and administration of the people in a company. The focus is on the human contact and this is the part of the administration where the employees can go to if they have problems or inputs, that have relation to the company’s daily run. 

You can also work with welfare in hospitals or public institutions, where the focus is on creating contact between doctors and patients. You also work with communication between hospitals, doctors and patients and other institutions. 

You can also work with administration in relation to education and job counseling, where you focus on the education of the citizens and getting people through the system. 

If you work with economics the focus is on financial statements and bookkeeping. This is administrative tasks that both exists in the private and public sector and is a big part of the daily life of the company. This is where you secure that the company is on the right course and follows the budgets and plans that are set up for the company. 

In the public sector you can work with taxes, where you have a great knowledge about numbers, economics and legislation in this area. And your tasks can be to go through all financial reports to look at the numbers in taxes and development. 

All the different areas in administration require a big overview and knowledge about the rules and legislations there is in relation to the tasks. There is a human contact in most of the positions, which also require an understanding and empathy for your fellow human beings. 

An important part of the administrative work is to have knowledge - in a limited or big area - about law, economics and organisation, to solve the administrative tasks that are given. This can be from making decisions, develop ideas and products, analyzing cases and to take care of all the above mentioned. 



If you work with administration in the public sector, you get a big knowledge of finances, policies and different methods and theories, that are necessary to get a big sector to work in relation to both public employees and citizens. 

Administration is in particularly a big part of the public sector. This means that you meet administration in almost every part of the country. It touches everything from education, healthcare, job searching to familylife, sport, community groups and more. 

It’s about social and political relations and about how we communicate with each other. Our whole daily life is build up around some of the important tasks that you have in the public administration.