Career counseling & coaching

Do you want help and guidance finding your new job? Then ScanCruit can help and counsel you in how you achieve your dream job.

ScanCruit gives you the opportunity to get career counseling and coaching in your job search. We offer several types of career counseling courses with one of our competent job consultants. Then you can get advice and coaching in relation to how you achieve your dream job and what you can do in the process of getting it.

We help you in the right direction

We will guide you through our network and knowledge about many different businesses and positions. This includes how and where you find the right job, what you should expect according to the salary and how you write the best resume and application for your next job.

We offer the following:

  • Help with writing the best resume and application
  • Guidance on how to find your new job from our competent job consultants
  • Coaching in skills and targets of your career and wishes
  • Coaching before a job interview

It’s time demanding to find your dream job. We expect that you are focused and serious in your job search, so that we can help you in the very best way. We can’t find your dream job without your help, but we can help you find your best competences and find a company that fits your expectations. Therefore, it’s important that you use the necessary time in your job search and in your development of your competencies.


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