Buddy system

Buddy system - A safety for the new employee

In connection with the onboarding of your new employee in the company, it can be an advantage to use a Buddy system. In that way the new employee gets the best possible start at the job. You can read more about the successful onboarding on our subpage onboarding.

A buddy system, or wingman as others call it, is all about creating safety for the new employee. It is also about optimizing the probability for a new strong employee in the team.

What is a Buddy?

A buddy is a person from the same department/team, who ensures that the new employee is going to be a part of the culture and team and settles in and gets introduced to all the social things surrounding the workplace.

The buddy typically has the responsibility of taking care of the new employee on the first workday, eat lunch together, answer questions about the informal rules and norms, introduce colleges etc.

The system should last at least three months. A buddy should not be mistaken for a mentor, and it’s important that it’s not the professional responsible who takes on this role.

To choose the right buddy, it’s important to find an employee that:

  • is motivated to be in this role
  • has a lot of empathy and can put himself in the shoes of the new employee
  • has good communicative skills

It’s important, that there is given the necessary resources to create a good relation. The system should furthermore be characterized by a high level of voluntariness.


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